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RIP MOV Video... Vive La MP4!

Posted by Team Simian on Apr 4, 2016


The introduction of HTML5 made the dream of playing video online sans QuickTime plugin a reality. Web video is now more accessible than ever before, but with this shift comes the need for all video to be encoded to MP4. Even with Flash on its last leg with a diminishing hold of just six percent of mobile and web video in 2015, there are many industry die-hards who are finding making the switch from MOV video to MP4 video and video encoding a daunting task.

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Topics: Video Production

Reel Insights 2015: Showreel Stats, Trends and Best Practices

Posted by Team Simian on Feb 23, 2016

Simian hits the ground running in 2016 with a look back at the year that was with our third annual installment of Simian Reel Insights 2015, or as we like to call it, “The State of the Reel”.

As an owner or executive producer, it’s no secret that successful sales reps are vital to your video production company’s bottom line. Plain and simple, if your sales representatives aren't winning bids, you aren't making money. With numerous production companies emerging daily, the competition is stiff and agencies have less time on their hands. That’s why it’s more important than ever for both you and your sales reps to understand how to optimize output, so that your work consistently rises to the top – and that’s exactly what Reel Insights is designed to do.

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Topics: Sales, Video Production

Tasty Tidbits: Taking a Bite Out of Short Form Content Challenges

Posted by Team Simian on Feb 2, 2016

Video is king. Are we stating the obvious? Perhaps, but it’s important to understand that the majority of video consumption today is delivered in the form of short, snackable video = Short Form Content.

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Topics: Video Production, Advertising

Straight Talk From Top Executive Producers On What Makes A Great Director

Posted by Team Simian on Jan 21, 2016

As a video production company, wouldn’t it be great to hear straight from the leading executive producers and managing directors in the industry exactly what they are looking for when hiring new directorial talent?

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Topics: Video Production

Star Wars Production Facts: A Geek’s Guide

Posted by Team Simian on Dec 8, 2015

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away …little known happenings, endless financial and creative struggles and seemingly impossible situations were endured by production and beyond while bringing the Star Wars franchise to life. Over the years, many of these behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits have remained relatively unknown to planet earth… until now.

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Topics: Humor, Video Production

In-House, Collaborative and Licensed Content: Weighing Your Options

Posted by Team Simian on Dec 1, 2015

So you’re ready to begin development on your own video content strategy. Awesome! But what’s the best way to get started? What options are available to you? Which are most affordable and which will get you the most bang for your time and effort (and revenue) buck?

The best part is, there is no right or wrong way…just options!

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Topics: Video Production

Brands Under the Influence: The Benefits of Social Media Influencers

Posted by Team Simian on Nov 18, 2015

While celebrity and spokesperson brand endorsements have become a staple marketing go-to tactic (hello, Captain Kirk!); in the age of social media, so has partnering with a “celebrity” of the social media world = A Social Media Influencer.

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Topics: Advertising

Simian Top Picks: Video Encoding Software

Posted by Team Simian on Nov 5, 2015

Since we know a thing or two about video encoding and since web browsers are moving to pure HTML5 (and are no longer supporting of plugins like QuickTime), encoding for the web is more important than ever. Of course it goes without saying that for ease of use, performance and saving time (not to mention kick-ass playback), the Simian Real Time Video Encoder 2™ (RTVE2) is our top pick. But to be fair and to help cut through the sea of encoding confusion, there are a couple of standouts for those who want to weigh their options.

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Topics: Technology, Simian, Video Production, Media Sharing, Post Production

Collaborate on Video? Six Reasons You Need Media Asset Management

Posted by Team Simian on Aug 5, 2015

FACT: Media Asset Management (MAM) holds the key to fast and effective video collaboration, sharing, review and approval and more. 

From simply saving time, to keeping projects on track and closing new business quickly, below are the top six reasons the world’s top companies rely on MAM to take the business of sharing to the next level…


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Topics: Collaboration, Media Asset Management

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