Tasty Tidbits: Taking a Bite Out of Short Form Content Challenges

Posted by Team Simian on Feb 2, 2016

Snackable contentVideo is king. Are we stating the obvious? Perhaps, but it’s important to understand that the majority of video consumption today is delivered in the form of short, snackable video = Short Form Content.

Gone are the days of traditional TV commercials as a primary avenue, today, consumers are hungry for interesting, personalized content. Short form content is branded entertainment that feeds that craving, but creating and delivering it is not without its challenges.

Today, advertising agencies not only face a steep learning curve when it comes to content creation, but they also face a sea of other advertisers competing for the same short attention spans.

But it’s all good. As always, we come bearing solutions!

Let’s start with the basics…



Channels & Services
Advertisers frequently turn to ad-supported channels like YouTube and services like Hulu, and for good reason.

FACT: A whopping 73% of viewers will take the time to watch a short form video ad in its entirety.

Social Media
You see them (and more than likely, watch them) every time you log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., short form content has become a mainstay on everyone’s feed in addition to sponsored, native ads.

Get ready, because Over the Top (OTT) TV is one of the fastest growing segments in video. Here, brands can reach cord cutters in highly relevant ways that they only dreamt of via traditional advertising. Learn more about OTT’s impact on branded content here.



Style & Audience
Each platform comes with its own unique audience and style.
Example: Stop motion is most popular on Vine.

Varied Sharing Options
Video is consumed and shared differently depending on the platform and so, video content should speak to all.

A couple of obvious differences worth mentioning:

  • Facebook: Content sharing is straightforward with friends, on pages or in groups.
  • Twitter/Tumblr: Users take on the role of a mini publisher of sorts, sharing video content with followers as well as cross-selling of content via hashtags and tagging via a network of content producers.

Video Length & Sound
Creating branded video content that works well on every platform is essential, however...

  • Some platforms impose length restrictions, which can make it difficult to covey complex stories. Not only that, but video length varies across platforms.
  • Muting sound upon video play: Many platforms autoplay video with the sound off and provide viewers with the option to turn the sound on.

Overwhelming Competition
FACT: By 2019, nearly 1 million minutes of video content will cross the network every second.



Round and round you (should) go…
FACT: Videos designed to loop have higher engagement.

People are pleasing…
FACT: Videos that feature people are up to 2x more likely to drive consumers to view.

Don't save the best for last…
Grab the viewer’s interest as soon as they hit play.

Caption the moment…
Closed captions are an essential add for telling the story when the sound it turned off.

Create consistently…
A fresh flow of new content increases returning viewers and ups engagement, but remember, quality over quantity is key. Learn more here.

Keep ‘em movin’…
Be sure to include a CTA to encourage viewers to take the next step.

Create under the influence…
Partner with a content creator or social influencer to maximize your reach. Learn how here.

Create vertically…
FACT:  Upwards of 29% of time spent watching online video is done on vertical screens and full-screen vertical video ads on the ever popular Snapchat, have a 9x higher completion rate vs horizontal mobile ads.


We hope you’ve learned a few new tidbits on the Short Form Content front.
Have additional questions? Not sure where to start?
Post ‘em here or contact us anytime.

Happy Posting!
Team Simian


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