What are the Best Super Bowl Ads Ever? Everyone's Got a Favorite or Two, We've Got 15

Posted by Anthony Vagnoni on Jan 18, 2018

Here at Simian, we’ve been busy through the fall and into the winter making constant improvements to our products and features. We’ve also been working on Sawt, our sister service, which is growing every week.

Sawt is the place to find new video from around the world, to search for commercials or online video content by brand or director and to generally stay in touch with trends and promote your work and your company. It’s free to join and offers a wide range of benefits – one of which will include browsing all the Super Bowl spots for this year’s big game!

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Introducing Sawt, Our New Creative Intelligence Platform for Online Video Search

Posted by Anthony Vagnoni on Oct 2, 2017

We’re proud to introduce Sawt, our new AI-assisted software that’s designed to help advertisers, ad agencies, production and post studios and media companies simplify a complex search process.

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Top 15 Mobile Apps for Video Producers and Editors

Posted by Team Simian on Jun 6, 2017


Whether you work in pre, production or post, we know all too well that choosing the right app for every stage of development can make or break the experience, in terms of time and fluidity of workflow. So, we polled our clients, probed our pals and added a few suggestions of our own to create a comprehensive list of current fave iOS and Android apps for video production and post production professionals.

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Brandzooka Talks Programmatic Video Marketing

Posted by Heather Prather on Apr 27, 2017

Back in 2016 during Denver Startup Week, Simian had the honor of joining Brandzooka CEO, Aquiles La Grave for a panel discussion on the future of AdTech and digital media.

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Peepcentric: The Science of Succeeding Together

Posted by Team Simian on Apr 26, 2017

When it comes to succeeding as an individual or as a company one thing is certain, it’s all about people. For us here at Simian, choosing the right people and remaining focused firmly on the people we serve first, ensures that the experience for all involved is worthwhile and business itself, thrives.

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Worth While Watching: Social Video Success Metrics

Posted by Team Simian on Mar 27, 2017

So, you’ve posted a series of videos online via various outlets. To date, several of them have received hundreds, maybe even thousands of views. Great, right? Sure, it is! But now that you’ve got their attention, how do you duplicate that success?

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Collaborating with Conscience: Simian’s Green Initiative

Posted by Brian Atton on Feb 27, 2017

People come from all walks of life and opinions differ. Nothing new to be sure, but never more apparent than right now. Today, no matter our choice of candidate, political party, or point of view, the divisive lines blur significantly when it comes to the single thing we can all agree upon - the environment.

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Well Done and Thank You: Superbowl 51's Impactful Ads

Posted by Paty Huthert on Feb 8, 2017

Right now, there's no escaping the political swirl that surrounds everything we see, do and feel. From the newsstands, to the newsroom, to the streets and beyond, it's all about what's next for America and for each of us, as individuals. Our status quo has become a rocky, tenuous landscape of contradiction and mixed messages seeded with words of hope and encouragement derived from the most unexpected places, and this week's most buzzed-about call for change is no exception - the world of advertising.

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Science Future: Inside Artificial Intelligence Advertising’s Coolest Ads

Posted by Heather Prather on Dec 5, 2016

Talk about smart advertising. Changing the advertising landscape, Artificial Intelligence Advertising leverages technology, brand marketing and machine knowledge, along with gathered user interaction to create next-level options for companies who want to not only reach their audience in new and more creative ways, but also get to know their behaviors (and manipulate them) on a more intimate level.

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Programmatic Audio Advertising: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Posted by Team Simian on Nov 15, 2016

Music, no matter the genre, culture, location or avenue, reigns supreme as the single most consumed entertainment medium in the world. Since radio’s infancy, music, news and all things broadcast have had a lifelong companion: Advertising.

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